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What Every 


Needs To Know


Dear Home Seller, 

Like thousands of other homeowners, you want to sell your house. Except unlike most of them, you want to

sell it yourself, without the use of a real estate agent.


Why? Probably because you want to save the commission.


Sure! Why not. I can’t blame you one bit. The thought of saving thousands of dollars certainly is appealing.


I’m not like many other real estate agents that will try to convince you that selling your home yourself is silly.

In fact,  if you are willing to learn the process, and invest the time and money to do it, you can sell your home yourself, and save thousands of dollars in real estate agent’s commissions.  






3 Facts Every For Sale By Owner SHOULD KNOW


Fact #1     

           Real estate brokerage has been part of our society, and Sellers have been paying full brokerage commissions, for over 200 years.

Would you agree that nothing lasts that long in our society unless there is real value there?        

          Would you agree that Sellers wouldn’t have been paying Realtors for their services for over 200 years unless Realtors were worth more than they were charging?


Fact #2

           7 out of 10 owners end up having to choose a broker to help them sell, or having to change their plans, sometimes when it is too late to save them from costs they could have avoided.

            Would you be curious to know why?


Fact #3

           As a licensed Realtor, I can generally sell a house for more money than a private owner can; and I can generally sell it in less time.

                    Would you be curious to know how?


There are 6 obvious reasons why...


REASON #1:   Serious Buyers Only Shop FOR SALE BY OWNERS 

                       to Save a Commission


REASON #2:   The Law of Supply and Demand


REASON #3:   Difficulty separating LOOKERS from BUYERS


REASON #4:   The LONGER it takes to sell, the more MONEY that 

                       could be LOST


REASON #5:   Marketing Services 

                       = Exposure

                       = Prospects

                       = MORE VALUE






REASON #6:   3rd Party Negotiating saves TIME and MONEY

                       Advantages of 3rd Party Negotiation:

                       - Trained Negotiators

                       - Not Emotionally Involved

                       - Avoid Pitfalls

                       - Understand the Needs of Both Parties






Here are some additional advantages for working with a qualified agent:

  1. An agent can provide you with current market information, such as which houses are for sale, what their listing prices are and how long they’ve been on the market. He or she will also help you set a realistic price for your home–to get it sold quickly, at the best price and with the least stress.

  2. Your agent will recommend ways to improve the marketability of your home, such as fresh paint or landscaping to improve curb appeal.

  3. An agent will market your home to both the general public and to other agents. According to National Association of Realtors statistics, 82% of sales result from agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends and family.

  4. An agent will know how and when to advertise your property.

  5. An agent will prequalify prospects so you don’t have to allow strangers into your home.

  6. Your agent will help you evaluate offers on your home as well as negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf.

  7. When issues arise—as they do in every transaction—your agent will be there to help resolve them and keep the deal on track to closing.

  8. Your agent will be there every step of the way, to guide you, advise you and ensure that everything goes smoothly.


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